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COVID-19 Update

MARCH 2021

We hope your 2021 is progressing nicely and thought we would drop a little update here with regards to our facilities and working plans.  

Covid-19 restrictions are still in place in Toronto and most people are working from home still. In the meantime, Onextra has been working hard to ensure that a safe environment is available to everybody who will enter our facilities once restrictions are lifted. 

In the meantime, we will continue working uninterrupted and at full capacity for all our existing and new customers. 

Thank you. 


MAY 4th, 2020

Onextra has developed an action-plan for our facilities to ensure that as Covid-19 distancing rules begin to relax, we can welcome our staff and managers safely back to work with a brand new, carefully planned environment.

Full details of our "Safely Open for Business" plan available at


MARCH 16th, 2020:

ONEXTRA values the safety of its employees and customers. Facing the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus in Canada, and its potential impact on operational activities, we have taken the following necessary measures, to ensure uninterrupted services to all of our customers.

  • Our number one focus is to provide a safe and clean work environment to all essential personnel in our facility.
  • We have immediately adopted WHO best practices guidelines and current Canadian official health advisories to fight against any potential infections.
  • We have all face to face customer meetings and presentations outside or in our offices on hold until further notice. We have also taken steps to provide video conferencing services for customers as required.

All digital communication channels are open for business and we assure uninterrupted service delivery via digital means. We will meet your commitments.

Onextra wishes you and your employees, friends and family the best, and like you, we hope that this pandemic is short lived and under control soon.



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