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Welcome to our News segment!

We are safely open for business

SAFELY OPEN FOR BUSINESS  In anticipation of a level of relaxation to the current Covid-19 rules in coming months, Onextra has taken steps to create a back-to-work plan, maintaining the required level of social distancing and providing physical safety measures to ensure the health of all staff and visitors.  Basic Screening All visitors and employees will undergo a brief ba ...

Audio Description / Described Video & Subtitles - Compliments of ONEXTRA

Onextra is a Canadian company which creates Described Video/Audio Description for an array of broadcasters. The classic public domain title “Night of the Living Dead” HD is our first release of in a series meant to celebrate the art of DV and give back to our audience. Many classic movies that have earned a place in film history and in our hearts remain inaccessible to blind a ...

COVID-19 Update

Please click to follow this link for the latest COVID-19 updates.

Our people

Welcome to Onextra!

A warm welcome to our new ONEXTRA website! We are a media accessibility facility successfully servicing major broadcasters and content producers across North America. What sets us apart and ahead of our competitors are our people. ONEXTRA team members are carefully trained and selected individuals with unique skills and experience to deliver the service and product our clients ...